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This isn’t your Grandma’s Ice Cream Soda… It’s Better!

I remember the days of spinning on stools at the downtown soda fountain. When I ordered a Cherry Coke, they actually ADDED CHERRY SYRUP to a regular Coca Cola. Flavored Sodas were not as common as they are now and few people ever imagined any kind of ice cream float other than a root beer float. But what if you could create your own flavor of soda? Then what if you could turn that soda into an awesome ice cream float? Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

CUPPA’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Sodas are exactly what you want! First, create your own flavored soda. We have 15 Torani syrups to enjoy alone, or combine syrups for any unique flavor sensation. Your syrup choices are added to Carbonated Soda Water to create your personal flavored soda. Then choose between vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream, or even rainbow sherbert! Top it all with whipped cream and a cherry and you’ve created your own signature ice cream soda!

The beauty featured in this photo is a Red Raspberry and Peach syrup combination with Vanilla Ice Cream. I can tell you from personal experience… it is delicious! The mastermind behind this particular drink was Kate, CUPPA’s master mixologist; she loves to experiment with different flavors. Be sure to ask for her when you come into CUPPA to create your masterpiece. Then call your grandma and let her know what she is missing!