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“Seeing Red” is Chocolatly Good!

NEW MENU ITEMS are always exciting for us at CUPPA. We enjoy bringing new flavors and textures to your palette, so we want to take a moment to introduce two of our newest items to you. Then you will understand how “Seeing Red” is Chocolatly Good!

Many of you have already visited CUPPA to try our new Southern Velvet Frappe. It tastes incredibly like a piece of Red Velvet Cake. The chocolaty goodness of Big Train’s decadent red chocolate cake gourmet beverage, with hints of cream cheese, delights the senses and delivers an impressive indulgence to a great menu. Our staff often competes with one another to see who can create the most perfect looking and perfect tasting Southern Velvet Frappe. One of our employees, Courtney, gives two thumbs up to this delicious frozen creation!

Our other new menu item is a mouthwatering Red Velvet Cake! If you didn’t know, Red Velvet Cake is actually a chocolate cake!
The red color of the cake comes from either red food coloring or beetroot. It is usually a layered cake, topped with a cream cheese or buttercream frosting. The reddish-brown color of the cake originally was from a reaction of the cocoa powder with an acidic ingredient such as buttermilk, but most modern cooks rely on food coloring to give the Red Velvet Cake its distinctive hue.

Stop by CUPPA today and indulge your sweet tooth with the Southern Velvet Frappe or a slice of Red Velvet Cake. Or if you think you can handle it… try both!