Luv-A-Cuppa Hour is something that you will all want to follow.
A random hour will be picked each week to showcase a special at CUPPA.
It might be a certain menu item for half-price; it might be a double ice cream for the price of 1 scoop. The point is… you never know what the special will be… or when it will happen! 
We have two ways of keeping you informed about Luv-A-Cuppa Hour.

First, you can keep up-to-date through posts on Facebook.
Second, you can follow us on Twitter by clicking the link on the right.

Both will insure that you are informed when Luv-A-Cuppa Hour happens. This is one hour each week that you definitely want to be at CUPPA!

Learn all about the CUPPA T-Shirt Design Contest.
We want to thank everyone who submitted a t-shirt design in our contest! The entries are great!
Vote for your favorite design from September 5th-30th at CUPPA in Louisville, MS.
Click on the picture for details.


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