The CUPPA Rewards Card

The CUPPA Rewards Card is your tool for Great Savings and Specials!

The CUPPA Rewards Card is loaded with features which enable us to reward you more! The CUPPA Rewards Card is a reloadable card that you use to purchase items at CUPPA. In a lot of ways, it works like a Walmart Card or a Starbucks Card. You add money onto your card then use your card to purchase items at CUPPA. By using your CUPPA Rewards Card to for all of your purchases, you will be rewarded in different ways.


First, you “load” money onto your CUPPA Rewards Card. To “load” the card means to use cash or credit/debit to add funds to your card while at CUPPA. You can add any amount to the card. The card is “reloadable,” so you can add funds to it and use it again and again.

Second, pay for your purchase at CUPPA with your CUPPA Rewards Card. It’s that simple! You will automatically qualify for whatever special we are running just by using your CUPPA Rewards Card.


When most of us were younger, we had CHARGE ACCOUNTS at the local soda counter. We would stop by after school for a milk shake, or a cherry coke, or maybe even a hamburger. In today’s economy, the Charge Account is a thing of the past. Now we use the CUPPA Rewards Card instead!

There are benefits to preloading a CUPPA Rewards Card for your spending. With a reloadable card, it is easier to set a budget and keep it than it was with Charge Accounts. Consider picking up a CUPPA Rewards Card for your child to use after school! Give them to your employees as a “Thank You” or bonus! 

The CUPPA Rewards Card can also be used as a GIFT CARD. The great thing about giving a CUPPA Rewards Card as a Gift Card is that the person receiving the card also enjoys the benefits of CUPPA Rewards Card Specials. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

CUPPA Rewards Card Specials will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and this blog, so you will always know the current deals. Stop by CUPPA and get your very own CUPPA Rewards Card today.



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