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CUPPA’s First Customer

When Ramona Hughes walked into CUPPA last week, she had a mission. She wanted to purchase one of CUPPA’s Rewards Cards. Now CUPPA wasn’t officially open, but we do try to be as accomodating as possible! Within minutes, Ramona was holding the very first CUPPA Rewards Card to be issued. And with that purchase, Ramona Hughes became CUPPA’s first customer! We are sure that whoever received the Rewards Card as a gift was delighted as well.

As CUPPA’s first customer, Ramona also received a free specialty coffee drink. Congratulations again, Ramona! And thank you for supporting CUPPA.

Get your own Rewards Card now! The CUPPA’s Rewards Card is more than just a gift card. It will be your ticket to specials and discounts at CUPPA. The Rewards Cards are reloadable, so keep it with you at all times!


Is Cold-Brewing Your Cup of Tea?

July 19, 2011 |



Cold-brewed teas and coffees tend to contain less caffeine and less acid than their hot counterparts. And, of course, they taste different.
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Sip N Shop is set for Thursday night, July 21st, in downtown Louisville. This is a fabulous event to promote the downtown area and the local merchants. There will be shopping specials from 5pm-7:21pm with participating merchants. Dr. Zar and the Amazing Funk Monsters will be performing from 6pm-10pm. Come explore the shopping and dining opportunities awaiting you in Downtown Louisville. Sip N Shop is sponsored by area merchants and the Winston Chamber of Commerce.

CUPPA is pleased to announce that we will be participating in Sip N Shop! CUPPA will be offering tastings of certain menu items to everyone who visits between 5pm and 7:21pm.

 We will be asking for donations in the form of “21.” This can be $0.21… or $2.10… or $21.00. You get the idea. All proceeds will benefit The FRIENDS Of The LIBRARY. CUPPA believes it is important to give back to our community and this is just the first of many ways we hope to share and care in Louisville.

 We are looking forward to celebrating with the community on Thursday night! Stop by CUPPA and see how the good ol’ days have returned to Main Street.